UQARC is an internet database of archaeobotanical and reference specimens, including images and descriptive criteria. While it should be viewable on all major browsers, we have found Firefox and Google Chrome to be most effective.

UQARC has been designed to allow users easily to search its content via the search page, which summarises the electronic accessions relevant to your specified search criteria. Electronic accessions record the details of individual fossil specimens, such as wood and seeds, from the specified physical accession held at UQ's Archaeology Lab or in partner collections.

Step 1: Click on the "Search Collection" tab on our front page

Step 2: Search the collection for specimens of interest

The search page is arranged in 5 columns, arranged in default setting by accession number. The accessions or search results can be ordered in ascending or descending order of any one of the columns by clicking the arrow to the right of each column heading. Note that the columns on this page may present variably depending on your screen size.

There are three ways to search:

a) Column search: at the bottom of each column is a search box which will search through that field using any term typed into the box. Use several column searches together to narrow down the relevant accessions.

b) Quick search: located at the top right of the display, this searches all visible columns in the database for the term typed into the box.

c) Keyword search: This searches all fields in the database for the term typed into the box, including notes and fields not visible on the search page. You can use this box to search for specific identification terms, such as wood anatomy features or even particular donors, if you know their name!

Step 3: Check your record

Once you have located the record or records in which you are interested using Steps 1-2 you can open each of them by clicking on the record in the search window. You will see the following:

The available information for each electronic accession is shown in the new window. Specimen details, including the material type, taxonomy etc. are shown in the top left. Images are shown in the top right and can be scrolled through using the arrows. Click on the images to open a larger view. You may download the images and use subject to our creative commons licence. The identification criteria are described towards the bottom of the screen. Scroll up and down the page to look over the identification criteria and notes. At the left of the description section of the display are the tabs showing which other specimens from this accession are described. Note that the database only displays available information, fields lacking records will be absent.

Returning to your search: The easiest way to return to your search results after checking one specimen is to use your browser's back arrow.

Future development will include search pages by family and material (seed, wood etc.) as well as incorporating thumbnails into the search results. Please email with any feedback relating to its functionality.